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life is what it is....
calvin brain hopping out
Sooo.... well why did i decide to do this again? well i am alone finally again, Yes i have my life organized and finally  i have at my finger tips the ability to create art, music, when ever i chose,  can listen to vinyl, record it, mash it.. i can really now a days do anything i want even with video also.
 i am trying to get that part of the studio working better.
 i need more self motivation

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I thought there would be a path on the mountain where we would cross again. My LJ is mainly private entries - private (eyes only) because I write them in a rush and they need editing. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. If I do, I make them friends only.

Idylwld uh - okay. I've seen the the exit sign, but not sure where along the 300 mile markers between CA and Portland. Closer to Portland right?

Glad to see you in the in the sunshine of of autumn - which i'm sure will turn cloudy and wet soon.


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