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i ching reading for today...
calvin brain hopping out
The present is embodied in Hexagram 37 - Chia Jen (The Family): For the regulation of the family, what is most advantageous is that the wife be firm and correct.
The fifth line, undivided, shows the influence of the king extending to his family. There need be no anxiety - there will be good fortune.
The topmost line, undivided, shows its subject possessed of sincerity and arrayed in majesty. In the end there will be good fortune.
The situation is shifting, and Yin (the passive feminine force) is gaining ground.

The future is embodied in Hexagram 36 - Ming I (Darkening of the Light): It will be advantageous to realize the difficulty of the position, and maintain firm correctness.
The things most apparent, those above and in front, are embodied by the upper trigram Sun (Wind), which is tansforming into K'un (Earth). As part of this process, penetration and following are giving way to docility and receptivity.
The things least apparent, those below and behind, are embodied by the lower trigram Li (Fire), which represents brightness and warmth.


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